Splash Face Painting Sponges by Jest Paint - POINTED PETAL (6 pieces)

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by Jest Paint Sponges and Inserts | Product Code: JPSS202

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Splash Sponges are the latest creation by the Jest Paint team! These sponges are specially designed for face painting. They are the right density and size to make your face painting job easier. These sponges fit perfectly in your 50gr rectangle containers so that you can load colors horizontally. Their dark color helps hide stains from face paints so your sponges look fresher for longer.

Use the Pointed Petal sponge as a stamp, you can use it to create the perfect butterflies, flower petals, bird feathers, or bird wings without worrying about symmetry, or go wild and create your own funky eye designs with this cool shape. You can also use it for all over bases. The pointy tip is perfect or getting around the eyes and nose. Load up a rainbow cake and pat over the closed eye for instant perfect rainbow eyelids!

Dimensions: Length- 2 1/4" Width- 1 1/2" Height- 1 1/2"

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