StarBlend Powder Based Cakes 56gr aprox

Trying to beat the heat and/or increase your speed? Mehron StarBlends are a powder based cake makeup that you can apply to the face with a dry sponge or smoothy blender. StarBlends are best used dry, and recommended for bases. If you put StarBlends over a thin coat of water based make up or a primer you will get the best results. It is very difficult to use Starblends wet to do line work. If you use Starblends wet, it may be hard to use them dry in the future. Add touches of shimmer with colors from the Ben Nye's Lumiere palette or sprinkles of Precious Gem Powders on top of your StarBlend bases. JestPaint has the most popular and boldest of the line right here for you to use on those hot summer days.

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