Stencil Eyes - Stencil Profiles - QUICKEZ by Show Offs Body Art

Show Offs Body Art has created awesome stencils for any and all applications! These compact, .07 mil, highly portable stencils are the perfect compliment to any form of artistic expression. You can use StencilEyes™ whether you're painting faces, applying makeup, creating special effects, or spraying tee-shirts, metal-crafts or whatever else you want to decorate. Show Offs Stencils come in many sizes to meet your needs! There are face painting StencilEyes™, so that you can paint a full face design with your airbrush! There are also Profiles stencils for  doing a cool design around one eye. You can flip the stencil and mimic the same design around the other eye, or mix and match! Check out the last page, which has the Quick EZ stencils, that are great for painting scary teeth, stitches and more!

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