Balloon Stickers | Large Eyes Sticker Assortment - 160 Pairs

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by Balloon Supplies | Product Code: QDS101

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What can I use the Large Eyes Sticker assortment for?

These stickers are made specifically for painters who don’t want to waste time drawing eyes on their creations! These cute eye stickers that are die cut and can be placed easily on you balloon animals or small balloon models, leaving them with perfect AND Identical eyes, without the hassle of drawing them on and risk for screw ups!

What balloons are these stickers made for?

These balloon stickers are perfect to use on your 360 balloons and 5” rounds or larger! Check the secondary demo image to see the size on round balloons.

What does the assortment include?

This sticker assortment includes 160 pairs of 2 different eye shapes. One of them is a set of feminine eyes with eyebrows, while the other is a goofier look, as it features a pair of cross-eyed eyes.

*Not for use on the skin - may be hard to remove from some surfaces.









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