Dot Sticker Roll for Balloons - 100 Double Sided Sticky Dots #18

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What are the dimensions of the 100ct DOUBLE SIDED Sticky Dots?

Each of the Sticky Dots should be approximately 13mm Wide.

What are these dots best used for?

If you love making animal balloon creations, these double sided sticky dots will be perfect for you! Use these dots to stick balloon eye balls, car wheels, flowers etc. to your balloon creations.

How do I use these Double sided sticky dots?

Simply cut off the sticky dot with the paper, press the sticky side against the first balloon and peel off the paper, then press the second balloon firmly against the dot and hold a couple of seconds. You can also use them to glue other items to your balloons, such as flower petals, pieces of paper, glitter, streamers, weak stickers etc.

Not for use on the skin - may be hard to remove from some surfaces.









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