Lodie Up Holographic Sticker | Don't Touch!

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by Lodie Up | Product Code: LUS103
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What are the materials and dimensions of this Don't Touch! Sticker?

This adorable sticker is about 3.5" x 2.75" or 8.8cm x 6.3cm. It is made of weatherproof Vinyl and can withstand being outdoors through sun, rain and snow for 2-4 years.

What can I use this Don't Touch! sticker for?

This cute Don't Touch! sticker sticker sends a clear message to those little ones who want to poke a finger in your paints or pick up a brush off of your table. These Lodie Up stickers make perfect gifts for others and are also perfect to stick around your face paint kit, on your cases, mirrors, cup holders etc. You can also put these on any other hard surface that you want to "adorable up" your world with! 

What else should I know about Lodie Up Stickers?

Lodie Up stickers are designed by the world renowned French artist, Elodie Ternois. She designs her stickers on her Ipad Pro. Elodie, owner of Lodie Up Face Painting, is also the artist behind Colorful and Fun Designs Ultimate Face Painting Guide by Sparkling Faces. She teaches her adorable designs to face painters around the world in many online platforms too!

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