Superstar | Face Painting Sponge - ECO Round

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by Superstar | Product Code: STSOT105

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What are these Superstar Eco sponges best for?
Superstar developed these purple Eco sponges as a professional face painting tool for body artists around the world. They are perfect to use with the Superstar Dream Colours rainbow cakes to pick up a variety of colors in one swipe! 

These sponges are specially designed for face painting. They are the right density and size to make your face painting job easier. Cut them in halves and these sponges fit perfectly in your 50gr rectangle containers so that you can load colors horizontally. Their charcoal grey color makes them look great in your face painting kit and helps to hide stains!

To wash them off, simply use some soap like the Art Factory Lush Brush and hot water, rinse them well and dry them in the dryer for a fast and thorough dry or let air dry.

What are the Dimensions?
  2 and 3/8" diameter X 1 and 1/8" thick

Why are they called ECO sponges?
From the Manufacturer: The Superstar Antracite ECO sponges are produced according to a unique environmentally friendly foam method that is based on a revolutionary vacuum overpressure technique. More than 50% of the raw materials come from nature. All sponge residues are recycled after processing and pressed into a new material which is used, among other things, for sound insulation.

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