Face Painting Mask Shield Combo Pack- 5 Shields and 5 Stickers

What are these face painting shields made of?

These durable face shields are made of 100% PET plastic which is also Anti-Fog. PET plastic is food grade and PBA free. They have a plastic film on the outside of the sheild that should be removed before use.

The masks are held on with an wide elastic band. The shields have a 3 cm thick foam band that goes between the mask and your forehead for extra comfort and to keep a space for your nose and/or eye glasses.

What are the dimensions of the face shields and stickers?

The face shields are 33cm (13") wide and 22cm (8.6") long. With the the elastic un-stretched the mask has a 53.3 cm (21") circumference. The elastic band can be shortened and made for smaller head sizes by cutting little notches in the elastic band and sliding it over the peg, but they fit well on most children and adults with out making any adjustments. Each I LOVE FACE PAINTING sticker fits along the top of the shield. The I love Face Painting Sticker is approximately 13" long x 2.7 " wide. They are made of thick vinyl, which protects the design from scratches, water and sunlight.  

How do I wash my face shields?

You can safely wash your mask with 1-100% ethanol alcohol or with a cleaning detergent and water. 

What else should I know about these face shields?

These plastic face shields have a lot of possibilities. It is up to each person how they want to use them. They are easy to paint on with water based face paints, so you could decorate your own shield to wear while face painting if it is allowed in your area, or wear it decorated to get attention while you are out shopping or going for a walk. Make sure to remove the protective film on the outside of the shield before painting on it.  You can custom paint these for others. If you are allowed to paint at parties you can offer the service of painting masks if the client is hesitating about having the kids' faces painted. For kids with sensory issues, a painted mask might be a better choice for them as well. If you are not allowed to paint at events you could see if you can pre-paint the masks and deliver them to a party, even if it is a small one. You can practice designs on the face shield while you or someone else wears it, or just by having it flat on the table. I like to paint them over a practice board when designing them for others and for regular practice, so that I can see where the eye spacing should be. It takes some practice to paint them on a person, so make sure to try it out before doing it at an event. Make sure to keep a large opening for the eye area. 
If you are looking for some tips on sanitary practices and how to deal with Covid-19 as a face painter, check out our blog Face Painting and the Coronavirus Covid-19 .

We do not make any medical claims or gaurantees in regards to the safety, use or effectiveness of these masks. Keep in mind that as of the moment this description was written, in the USA, the CDC recommends the use of fabric masks to regular citizens and asked regular citizens to leave medical grade masks to those working in the medical field.


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