Tattoo Pro 119 - Body Painting Stencil - Eye See You

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by Wiser Body Graffiti | Product Code: TP118
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Love to freehand people and animals but struggle with the eyes? This stencil will help you get perfect eyes for your designs!
Pro Stencil Kit contains both positive and negative design shapes that are used to create black and white or color tattoos. In this Tattoo Pro Kit you will get a sheet with 1 human eye stencil, 1 tiger eye stencil, 1 reptile eye stencil, and 1 floating eyeball stencil in addition to other elements to create realistic tattoo designs. Each sheet is 8.5" X 11" and made of durable 7.5ml solvent proof mylar. This stencil set was designed by Wiser Oner. Also included is an 8.5" X 11" pre-printed design display poster featuring designs created with this kit.

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