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Face Paint Kit - 10 Liquid Paints by Global Body Art
Face Paint Kit - 10 Liquid Paints by Global Body Art

List Price: $66.50
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Product Code: GBALPK100

The following items are included with this product:

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What are the dimensions of this product?
This Kit contains 10 bottles of liquid face paint. Each bottle is 1.5 oz / 45ml and is 2" tall. The colors included in this kit are: Black, White, Gold, Silver, Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Deep Blue, and Purple.

How to apply and remove it?
Apply the paint with a dry sponge or brush, or thin the liquid paint with distilled water to use in an airbrush. Liquids dry fast and multiple colors should be blended on the brush or sponge, or blended quickly on the face while still wet. These colors remove easily with soap and water.

What is this product best for?
Global Liquids are super pigmented and thick face paint. It goes on smoothly and it has a very opaque coverage. Global Liquid paints are great if you do not want to have to mix water with a cake paint so that you can paint faster, or need to pour paint out into individual palettes for sanitary reasons. You do not want to apply them to thickly or they may chip or crack on areas where the skin moves a lot. You can use these without cross contamination when the need arrives. They are also great for airbrushing, when thinned out. They are a little more sweat resistant due to the binders used in this formula compared to the cake paints. The white is very bright, which makes it perfect for strong highlights!

What else should I know?
All standard colors are made with FDA compliant ingredients and are hypoallergenic. Global Liquids are made in Australia. They are vegan and not tested on animals.