Amerikan Body Art | CHUNKY Glitter Cremes - BIOSPHERE - 15gr

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by Amerikan Body Art | Product Code: ABAGC308
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What are the dimensions of Amerikan Body Art Glitter Creme makeup jars?
The black jar is 1 1/2" across and 1 1/4" high, and the jar has transparent screw on lid.  The product content is approximately 15 grams.

What is Chunky Glitter Creme Biosphere best for?
Biosphere is created using "Plant-Based Compostable" Glitters. ABA Biosphere is an iridescent chunky white glitter that reflects and picks up colors, this color matches any design! Glitter Cremes are a new glamour makeup creation by Amerikan Body Art! Glitter Cremes are perfect for adding chunky glitters to your makeup looks and face paint designs. The Glitter Creme base is similar to a thick waxy lip balm, and it is densely packed with tons of gorgeous chunky cut cosmetic grade glitters.  They look amazing any where on the face or body. If you are a face painter, you will be happy to know that Amerikan Body Art Glitter Cremes won't activate the face paint below when applied on top of water based face paint. Use Glitter Cremes with care and keep them away from the immediate eye area, especially when applying them to young children. 

How to apply and remove Glitter Creme makeup?
Amerikan Body Art Glitter Cremes can be applied on top of face paint, beauty make up or onto clean skin. The lip balm like base helps them stick to the skin, so no other adhesive is needed. Apply Chunky Glitter Creme with a filbert or angled brush or glitter applicator. For larger applications on the body you can use a makeup wedge sponge. Remove Glitter Cremes by firmly wiping the glitter off with a soft cloth or paper towel. If there is any remaining residue you can wash it off with soap and water or wipe off with a make up remover. 

What else should I know about Glitter Cremes and Amerikan Body Art?
Wondering if this glitter product is ocean safe or how they are compostable? Read more about compostable glitters by reading our post Biodegradable Glitters The ultimate blog post to bio glitters . Amerikan Body Art is a Florida based face and body art makeup company run by Henna Artist, Erika Harrison, and her family. All final Amerikan Body Art products are developed, mixed and packaged in the USA. Each ingredient is chosen carefully to make sure that the products are safe to be used on the skin. 

 Glitter: Biosphere is created using our "Plant-Based Compostable" Glitters.


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