Art Factory | Face Painting Plastic Rainbow Insert (Fits in Pro Lap Top Case)

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by Art Factory | Product Code: AFINS100
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What are the dimension of the Rainbow Insert?

The thick plastic Rainbow Insert measures 12" x 9.5" x 1/2" They fit in the Pro Lap Top  Plain Face Painting Case  Insert comes with clear sheet to use as a divider. 

12 Large Slots are approximately 2  3/8" X 2" 

16 Small Slots are approximately  2" X 15/16" 

What is the Rainbow Insert Best For?

The Rainbow insert was designed for face painters who like to build their own compact face painting kits. You can fill these spaces up however you like with single colors or with two or more colors together. Build your own large and small rainbow cakes and one strokes, two color splits, graffiti / sushi cakes, double dip wheels and more!  You can pop out 30 gram and 50 gram standard rainbow cakes and move the paint into this palette if you don't want to create your own. These inserts are a lot sturdier that the thin plastic inserts that go in the wooden cases. You will love their durability and versatility.

What else should I know about the Rainbow Insert for face paints?

The Rainbow Insert was designed by the Art Factory. The insert is made in the USA and is a perfect size to put in the commonly used black lap top cases. If you place two in the case  you can close the case. Cases come with a clear sheet to put between inserts if you double them up, and it also comes with a paper sheet with the outlines of the insert so that you can paint in the colors on the sheet to help create cake combos before cutting them up and putting them in your insert. 









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