ART FACTORY | Set of 80 Glitter Tattoo Stencils with Display - DISCONTINUED - SPOOKY HALLOWEEN Collection

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What am I receiving when I order the ART FACTORY Glitter Tattoo Stencils SPOOKY HALLOWEEN Collection?

This Art Factory / Ybody set contains a total of 80 stencils of 16 different spooky designs (5 of each design) with a laminated display sheet. The Spooky Halloween Collection is perfect for Pumpkin Patches, Halloween parties and Fall Festivals! There is a little bit of everything for kids and adults! There is a little bit of everything for kids and adults! To see the different designs view product photo.

How do I apply glitter tattoo stencils?

First you’re going to need to prep the skin by having the area gently washed with soap and water, if they have recently used any type of lotion on their skin, make sure to wipe it down well with rubbing alcohol. Let the skin fully dry and then carefully remove the paper layer from the stencil, and place it on a smooth skin surface that contains little to no body hair. Avoiding excess body hair will make your design look better, and will be easier to remove. Glitter tattoos for kids last longer when you put them on areas of the body that they might be less tempted to pick at, like down by the ankle or on the upper arm. Those areas often have less body hair too. Using your hand or something firm (a business card works well), rub the stencil onto the skin so that there aren’t any gaps or air bubbles between the skin and the design. Peel off the top clear layer slowly. Watch for floating pieces, and grab those with your fingernail to make sure that they don’t come up with the clear layer. If you are hoping for a speedy application, you should avoid complex designs with floating pieces. Cover the empty area of the stencil with a thin layer of cosmetic grade body glue. Keep in mind that if you put it on too thick it will take a long time to dry; however, if you accidentally do this you can press the design with the clear layer to lightly pick up excess glue. Peel off the stencil carefully, making sure not to tug on any drying glue. If there are floaters (the smaller stickers that aren’t connected to the rest of the stencil design) you can use a wood stick or tweezers to pick them out carefully. Using a brush or a poofer cover the stencil with a thin layer of glitter. You can use just one color, or use a lot of colors. Just remember that the more colors that you add, the longer it will take to create the design. Brush the excess glitter off into a tray. O-o-o-h! and a-h-h-h! at the new sparkly creation that is sure to make your clients super mega happy!!!

What else should I know about the Art Factory/YBODY Glitter Tattoo Stencils?

After application, depending on how you care for your glitter tattoo it should last about 1-7 days. If you wish for your temporary tattoo to last longer, avoid friction, hot tubs, chlorine and soap. Feel free to contact us if there are any new stencils you wish to see that you haven’t yet been able to find on our website









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