Bad Ass Mini 1032 - Face Painting Stencil - Carnival

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What are the Dimensions of this Bad Ass BAMS Face Painting Stencil?

These face painting stencils created  are approximately 3" by 5" and are made with 7mil (0.007 inches) thick Mylar. 

What is this Carnival BAMS Face Painting Stencil Best For?

This Carnival stencil by Bad Ass is a great face painting stencil to add some fancy looking carnival or cabaret like patterns to your designs and make them stand out. BAMS Stencils are the ultimate face and body art tool. These small face painting stencils are designed to fit around the face and will allow you to create amazing looking designs with little effort on your end. When using patterns, you can move the stencil around to cover all of the desired area, you can cover a full face with them if you keep on moving the stencil! 


How to Store my BAMS Face Painting Stencils?

All face and body art stencils are delicate tools and require lots of care to make sure you can use them for years to come. Before storing them make sure they are dry and clean. Put the stencil under a gentle stream of water and then use a clean towel to softly wipe the surface of the stencil on both sides. Use gentle movements, so not to bend any parts of the stencil. You can remove stubborn stains with some soap. Pat the stencils dry using a towel and put them away. Many professional face painters store them using a snap ring and putting them in an area of their kit where they won’t get damaged. You can store them inside a little case, or you can use a photo album or trading cards album to separate them and make them easier to find. Many artists stick tiny pieces of Velcro on one tab and let them hang from a Velcro strip in their kit, or use the holes to hang them on a peg/pin board. Do what works for you but keep in mind that stencils are fragile and need to be protected.

What Else Should I know about BAM Stencils?

BAMS Face Painting Stencils are manufactured in the USA and each pattern is designed by hand by Andrea O’Donnell from Bad Ass Stencils. All of the designs featured are original and are copy righted by Bad Ass Stencils. The stencils come packed inside a thin plastic bag with a thin paper insert. You can learn more about how to use, care and store your face painting stencils on our Face Painting with Stencils - Instructions and Best Stencils Guide blog post.

¿Cuáles son las dimensiones de esta plantilla de pintura facial Bad Ass BAMS?

Estas plantillas de pintura facial creadas por Andrea O'Donnell tienen aproximadamente 7,62 cm por 12,70 cm y están hechas con Mylar de 0,18 mm de espesor.


¿Qué más debo saber sobre las plantillas BAM?

Las plantillas de pintura facial BAMS se fabrican en los EE. UU. Y cada patrón está diseñado a mano por Andrea O’Donnell de Bad Ass Stencils. Todos los diseños presentados son originales y están protegidos por Bad Ass Stencils. Las plantillas vienen empacadas dentro de una bolsa de plástico delgada con un inserto de papel delgado. Puedes obtener más información sobre cómo usar, cuidar y almacenar sus plantillas de pintura facial en nuestra publicación de blog Pintura Facial con Plantillas: Instrucciones y La Mejor Guía de Plantillas

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