Ben Nye - Death Wheel 1oz

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by Ben Nye | Product Code: BNFX100

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What am I receiving when I order the Death Wheel by BEN NYE?

When ordering this product, you will receive a one ounce palette wheel that is perfect if you want to look dead, or make others look like they have expired.

What colors are included in the Death Wheel?

The Ben Nye Professional Death Wheel contains 6 deathly cream-based colors! These colors include Frankenstein (P-21), Death Straw (P-18), Death Blue Grey (P-22), Death Purple (P-17), Pale Vampire (P-20) and Death Flesh (P-19). You should expect each color to be worth approximately 20-50 applications.

How do I apply the colors in BEN NYE’s Death Wheel?

First you are going to need to find your preferred shade. If you want to make a custom shade from this palette simply mix the desired shades together on a mixing palate or on the back of your hand. Next you are going to apply the colors to the desired piece of latex or to the skin and blend the colors as you wish, choosing their opacity. When you are done applying these creamy colors and have your final design we recommend you set the makeup with translucent powder to assure that it will last as long as possible!

What else should I know about BEN NYE?

BEN NYE was founded over 50 years ago to be able to cater the needs of professional makeup artists. They produce high class special FX makeup and tools so that customers such as yourselves are able to truly bring your creations to life!

CAUTION: Flammable. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Cap tightly. Not for use in the immediate eye area.

Alcohol Denat. (Alcohol), Polyquarternum-11, propylene Glycol, Aqua (Water), PVP, Phenoxyethanol









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