Ben Nye - Fresh Scab Nett Wt. 6oz / 170 gr

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by Ben Nye | Product Code: BNFX103

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This is a very thick gel in a red-brown shade that simulates old blood. It won't run or drip. Directions: apply Ben Nye Fresh Scab with a spatula or fingers to the prosthetic wound. To simulate blood "splatter" apply Ben Nye Fresh Scab with a stipple sponge . To give the effect of a road rash apply ben Nye Fresh Scab by dragging or scraping it with a stipple sponge in a fast move against the skin. To remove use soap and water or Ben Nye Hydra Cleanse.Thin with water.  Ben Fresh Scab is safe to be used in the mouth area but should not be ingested. It is not for use in the eye and it might stain clothes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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