BOLT Brushes Bundle | Choose 3 or more Bolt Face Painting Brushes and Save

Bolt Brushes by Jest Paint are designed specifically for face painting! We created synthetic brushes that are perfect for fine line work, like the Thin Round #1, or thin to thick swirls and twirls with the #3 Liner, or chubby tear drops and petals created easily with the Bolt Blender Brush. We also have a variety of flat and angle brushes for 1 stroke face painting. 
Click the Read More link to see demo pics of brush strokes created with the brush and learn more about the firm and regular bristles.  

Let your creativity go wild and save some money with this Jest Paint Bolt Brush Bundle opportunity! 

Choose 3 Bolt Brushes and SAVE 5% on your bundle!

Choose 4 or More Bolt Brushes and SAVE 10% on your bundle! 

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