DFX Face Paint Rainbow Cake -Small Blurred Lines (RS30-4) 30gr #4

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What Diamond FX colors are in this cake?

Blurred Lines contains DFX: fuchsia, golden yellow, yellow, sea green, light blue, and lavender.

What are the dimensions of this Diamond FX Small Rainbow Cake product?

The container of this Diamond FX small face paint Rainbow Cake  is 1 1/4" wide, 2 1/16" long and 10/16" tall.

What is Diamond FX Small Blurred Lines best for?

Blurred Lines is a great small rainbow split cake that can be used to create gentle pastel looking designs like butterflies, soft rainbows, unicorns, fairies and more. All Diamond FX small rainbow cakes are perfect to create fast and easy designs in just a few strokes of your brush, creating a wow factor effect in no time! Combine them with some stencils or glitters and you will have a great looking designs in just minutes!

Diamond FX face paints are great for cosplayers to use when crafting their looks, for parents and kids to play together with, and for professional face painters to use at their jobs when painting at carnivals, birthday parties, corporate events or Halloween parties!

How to apply and remove this face paint?

Like with any kind of water activated face paint, Diamond FX small split cakes need to be activated with a slightly moist brush or sponge. We recommend that face painters, parents or cosplayers use a 1" or 3/4" flat or angle brush to apply the paint as it gives the best results. Simply dip the tip of your brush in the water, wipe off any excess water on the edge of your water container and then move your brush back and forward over the surface of the cake applying just enough pressure for the paint to activate. Do this a few times until your bristles look fully loaded and the face paint has a creamy consistency. It is best to hold your DFX cake vertically so that the stripes go up and down so that if if water runs down the cake it won't muddy up your colors. Once your brush is fully loaded you can go ahead and apply the face paint to the skin with a sweeping motion. If you need to reload make sure you put your brush on the cake so the colors on the cake match the ones on the brush, if you accidentally flip your brush you will muddy up your colors. If that does happen all you have to do is rinse out your brush and reload. You can read more about how to activate face paint on our How do I activate Face Paints blog.

Before you paint anyone, it is always bets to ask them if they know of any allergies they might have, in which case doing a patch test on the inside of the elbow or wrist might be best before you paint them. 

In order to remove DFX face paints you will need to use some soap and a cloth or sponge. Get your cloth or sponge wet and add some soap to it. Now you can go ahead and gently clean your face trying to remove as much pigment as possible without rinsing it with water yet.Once all of the paint has been loosened you can go ahead and rinse the makeup off with clean warm water. If any stains remain, repeat. If after repeating these steps you still have stains left, apply some lotion or baby oil to your face, let it set for a few minutes and the wipe off. That should do the trick. If by any chances you still have some stains left, then just simply wait until the next day. Sweating and friction with your pillow and bead-sheets will take care of it overnight. But only do that after washing your face off, since it is not recommended for kids or adults to go to bed with their face painted. 

To wash off the paint from your face painting brushes and sponges we suggest that you use a brush soap like Lush Brush, as it will make the task a lot easier. You can read more on how to take care of your face painting brushes and sponges on our How to Sanitize and Clean your Face Painting Brushes and Sponges blog post.

How to store Diamond FX face painting products?

It is always best to first allow your Diamond FX face painting rainbow cakes to dry out completely before you store them. You can always wipe the top off with a clean face painting sponge, don't use any wipes as they will leave fuzz on your cake, and don't use any other chemicals or alcohol as it will alter the consistency of the cake and interfere with the natural ingredients that the face paint has to prevent bacteria growth. Once it has been wiped clean let it dry out and then put the lid on. Now, make sure to leave your DFX face paint split cake in a well ventilated area, away from direct sunlight as the heat and the light can damage your cake. Also, make sure that the place you are storing your face paints in is not too humid, as humidity can create mold on your split cakes. Never store your face paints in a hot car, leave them by a window, near a heater or inside the refrigerator, as that can damage the paint. Keep your paints away from known allergens like food and pet hair, since those allergens can contaminate your paints and then create an allergic reaction on your customers.

What else should I know about Diamond FX face paints?

Diamond FX started as a small company in 2008 in Holland, Netherlands and they offer face paint products that serve the needs of all painters with ease of use and high quality ingredients. All Essential and Metallic DFX colors are made with US FDA compliant high quality cosmetic grade ingredients and are hypoallergenic. Diamond FX face paints contain no perfume, parabens or lanolin to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Diamond FX cakes are vegan and they are not tested on animals. DFX cakes are made in China under the direction of the company in The Netherlands. This water activated affordable face paint is great for cosplay characters, Halloween costume parties, carnivals, fundraisers and more.















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