Diamond FX Face Paint - 6 Color Beast Palette

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by Diamond FX | Product Code: DFXPA111

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Paint bruises, blood, dirt, scars, burns, mold, wrinkles, puss, cuts and more! These Diamond Fx water based colors are perfect for all your goarish needs! The Diamond FX Beast Face Painting Palette is Great for all your zombies, monsters, hairy beasts, vampires, and skulls. This high quality FDA compliant face paint is easy to apply with a wet sponge or brush, and easy to wash off with a soapy sponge or cloth and water. This is a handy addition to your face painting or makeup kit for Halloween, haunts, theater or cosplay. The Beast Palette includes 6 Colors (Spirit Blue, Ogre, Blood Red, Puss Yellow, Soot Grey, Black Eye Purple), plus one #3 Round Brush and one #2 Flat Brush.

¡Pinta moretones, sangre, suciedad, cicatrices, quemaduras, moho, arrugas, pus, cortes y más! ¡Estos colores a base de agua Diamond Fx son perfectos para todas tus necesidades más intrépidas! Diamond FX Beast Face Painting Palette es ideal para todos tus zombies, monstruos, bestias peludas, vampiros y calaveras. Este maquillaje artístico de alta calidad que cumple con las normas FDA es fácil de aplicar con una esponja o pincel húmedo, y fácil de remover con una esponja o paño jabonoso y agua. Esta es un complemento útil a tu kit de maquillaje o pintura de cara para Halloween, guaridas, teatro o cosplay. La Beast Palette incluye 6 colores (Spirit Blue, Ogre, Blood Red, Puss Yellow, Soot Grey, Black Eye Purple), más un pincel redondo # 3 y un pincel plano # 2.

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