Diamond FX Face Paint - Metallic Black 30gr

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by Diamond FX | Product Code: DFXM100

What are the dimensions of the container?

This face paint cake is 2 14/16 inches in diameter and 9/16 inches tall.

How to apply and remove Diamond FX Metallic colors?

Apply Diamond FX Metallic face paints using a moist sponge or brush. We suggest for face painters or parents to always apply the water to your sponge or brush and then load the makeup, rather than ap[plying water directly to your face paints. Most DFX metallic face paint colors can easily be removed with soap and warm water; if needed, for the more pigmented colors, you can use a sponge or soft cloth to help with the removal. Like most professional face painting products, Diamond FX water activated face paints tend to absorb a lot of moisture so we advise face painters and other users to let the cakes dry out in the open between uses before putting the lids back on for storage.

What is DFX Metallic Black best for?

All Diamond FX metallic colors are really nice for blending shimmery bases. Diamond FX Metallic Black is great for creating a sheer black effect, or for shading into other colors. It works better as a base than for line-work.
DFX Face Paints are great for professional and aspiring face painters as well as the occasional and professional cosplayers or for parents who need an excellent quality but cheap face painting product for their project, a party or just for fun. Diamond FX face paints are bright, heavily pigmented and have a strong metallic effect, making your face painting designs stand out from the crowd at every event.

What else should I know about Diamond FX face paints?

Diamond FX started as a small company in 2008 in The Netherlands and they offer face paint products that serve the needs of all painters with ease of use and high quality ingredients.
All Essential and Metallic DFX face painting colors are made with US FDA compliant high quality cosmetic grade and hypoallergenic ingredients. Diamond FX face paints are free of perfume, parabens or lanolin to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Diamond FX cakes are vegan and the company does not test their products on animals. DFX professional water activated face paints are made in China under the direction of the company in The Netherlands.
This water activated affordable face paint is great for cosplay characters, Halloween costume parties, school carnivals, fundraisers, street fairs and more.

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