Diva Stencils | Face Painting Stencil | Fairy #8 (00001)

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What are the dimensions of this face painting stencil?

Stencil Size: 3.25" round

How to use this face painting stencil?

Diva Stencils are cut on flexible 190 millimeter mylar. This flexibility provides easy use for face painting! Firmly hold the stencil on the skin where you wish the design to be and slowly sponge face paint on top of the stencil. For the best result, make sure your face paint is tacky and use a dry sponge. Slowly lift and remove the stencil and you have a quick and stunning design!

How do I clean my Diva Stencil?

Wipe the stencil gently with a wet cloth or sponge to clean and let air dry.

What are Diva Stencils best for?

Diva Stencils are great for quick, detailed designs when your face painting line is long! From complete designs to textures there is a wide range of beautifully themed stencils to meet all your face painting needs! This fairy is perfect in addition with other accent stencils to create a fairy garden design. 

What else should I know about Diva face painting stencils?

Diva Stencils was started by face painter, April Fregd. She works with a team of face painters to design new stencils that are perfect for face painting.  All Diva stencils are bagged individually.











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