Dotter Sponges - Spongit Double Sided Dotters 3pc - Discontinued

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by Loew Cornell | Product Code: LCS100
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This Product will be Discontinued by Loew Cornell Soon - Get them While Supplies Last!
Use dotter sponges to create 3-D looking spheres that you can turn into pearls, snowmen, bubbles, peace signs, sports balls, scales, and little animals like bears, puppies etc.

When you double load them, use them with rainbow cakes or spin cakes you get really cool results!

Check out my youtube videos (clashtheclown) demoing dotter sponges. I love them!
This is a link to the cheek art Dotter Dog video!

Diameters are: Small : 1/2" on one side and 3/4" on the other Med: 3/4" on one side and 1" on the other Large: 1" on one side and 1 1/4" on the other

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