Empty Free Hand Applicator PEN (for Body Glue and Colorini)

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by Art Factory | Product Code: YBT107

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This is a great product for doing Free-hand Glitter Tattoos. The Pen includes a metal applicator and a brush. It comes with a small needle to keep your pen from plugging up, and it has a small empty bottom to carry gems inside. The second disassembled Empty bottle picture is just for you to see the components of the product, the price published is only for one empty black capped body art pen. This product is not intended to store Colorini or Glue. You should only put your glue medium or Colorini in the pen while you are working and pour it back in the original container for storage. If kept longer than a few days it may dry out. I personally consider it a 1 time use product since it is hard to clean out with alcohol and reuse.

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