Global Body Art Face Paint - Pearl Blue 32gr

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by Global Body Art | Product Code: GBAP100
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What are the dimensions of this face painting product?

The size of this face paint cake is 2 14/16 inches in diameter and 9/16 inches tall.

How to apply and remove Global pearl face paints?

You should apply Global Body Art pearl face paints with a slightly wet face painting brush or sponge. It is best if you first apply water to your brush or sponge and then load the makeup. You can easily remove pearl colors with soap and water. Global tends to absorb a lot of moisture so face painters and parents should let the makeup in the container air dry by leaving the lids off between uses; you can put the lid back one once the product is dry.

What is Global Pearl Blue face paint best for?

Global Pearl face paints are great for creating smooth and shimmery bases and can be also used for line work although pearl colors are not ideal for that.
Global Colours Face Paints are great for professional face painters and cosplayers as well as beginner artists and parents who need a high quality but cheap face painting product for a party or just for fun. Global Body Art pearl face paints are soft and shimmery making them perfect for those face painting designs that need extra sparkles.
All pearl colors are really nice for blending and have a nice shimmer that will add magic to your designs. Pearl Blue is a very bright and shimmery royal blue and it is the top choice for frozen inspired and peacock designs. Not a great line work color, though it is possible with a lot of loading of your brush.

What else should I know about Global Body Art face paints?

Every Global Pearl color is made with FDA compliant top quality and hypoallergenic ingredients yet this is still a very affordable brand of face paint. Global face painting products contain no perfume, parabens or lanolin which helps to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction when you are face painting. Global professional face paints are vegan and they do not conduct animal testing for any of their products. Their face paints are made in China under the direction of Global Body Art in Australia.
These water activated face paints are great for cosplay characters, Halloween costume parties, school carnivals, fundraisers, street fairs, etc.

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