Global Body Art Face Painting Brush - 3/4" Filbert

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by Global Body Art | Product Code: GBAB107
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What materials are used in this brush?
Acrylic handles and synthetic bristles.

What are the dimensions of this product?
This brush is 9" long from tip to end. The base of the bristles is approximately 3/4" wide and the bristles are 1 and 1/16" long. The handle is approximately 10/16" in diameter.

How to use it?
Get your brush wet, wipe the end of it against the edge of your water container, rub against your dry cake until you create a creamy consistency and then paint on the face/body.

What is this product best for?
This Global filbert brush is ideal for making super large teardrops using Fun Strokes. Its rounded edge makes it the perfect brush for filling in the eyelid area without going over the edges. If you only press the tip of the brush against the skin you can get some easy scales or cheetah marks. It is also a great brush for body painting since you can cover large areas and blend colors smoothly thanks to its rounded edge.

What else should I know?
Because they are made out of synthetic bristles, no animals were hurt for the production of these brushes. These brushes were made in China under the supervision of Global Colours Sydney- Australia. Also, since they have acrylic handles, no forests were damaged for their production.

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