How to Face Paint - Step 1: Get your Face Painting Supplies

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Introduction to Face Painting

Face Painting is a fun and creative art form. Although it can be done by kids and adults just as a form of personal entertainment, it can also be done in a professional way to complement your income or as a full time job.

The most important thing you should now is that not matter if you are face painting for fun or for profit, you should always use safe cosmetic grade products to protect your skin and that of those who you are painting.

Luckily, there are plenty of great high quality products at affordable prices.

I want to Face Paint: where do I start?

Step one is to get the right products. Most of the best stores to find safe high quality products are online and they can ship worldwide. Some Craft supply stores offer a few safe brands for sale, but the quality of those brands is geared towards those individuals face painting for fun, rather than the professional face painter.

We have developed a great face panting supply store owned and operated by artists, You will find a huge variety of body art related products available at JestPaint and you can always ask us if you have any questions. We have work hard to create useful product descriptions, upload swatches and test every product we sell to make sure we approve of it.

If you are just looking to paint for fun we recommend for you to look at our Beginner Face Painting Kits. Those kits have the highest quality face paints and tools at a great price. You will be able to paint for months with just one of those palettes. Here is a list of recommended supplies:

- Face Painting Palette

- Round face painting brush

- Flat face painting brush

- Face painting sponge

- Face Painting Opalescent White glitter

- A cup for water

If you are looking at going professional and making a business out of this, we recommend for you to look at our Professional Face Painting Kits. These kits are much more complete and will allow you to face paint hundreds of faces with just a small investment. Here is a list of recommended face painting supplies to start your own business. Keep in mind that the list can get much larger once you start expanding, but here are the basic needs:

- A large set of professional size water activated face paints

- A few Rainbow or Split Cakes

- A set of face painting brushes including two or three round brushes #3 and two Flat Brushes in the 1” or ¾” size

- A set of 24 face painting sponges

- A bottle of cosmetic grade Opalescent White face painting glitter

- A cup for water with a refill bottle

- A bucket or mesh bag to throw in your used sponges

- A Mesh bag to hold your fresh sponges

- A brush holder

Step 2 is to learn how to activate your face paints. Read the following post to learn all about that.

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