How to Face Paint - Step 6: Focal Point for your Line Work

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A focal point is an imaginary point in the design towards which every element of the design is directed to; it is a very important part of every face painting design and since your line work is a key part of every design, it is important for it to have a clear focal point. A focal point gives direction and flow to your design which helps make it look more pleasing to the eye.

When face painting, once you choose your focal point, or focal points (some designs have a few focal points), all of your lines should flow in that direction (either towards the focal point or away from the focal point). You can have one main focal point where the entire design points to, and smaller focal points for each part of the design. It is important for your entire design to have one main focal point that each smaller part should point to as well.

The best way to establish focal points is to divide the face in sections. Imagine a dot right in between your eyes and draw diagonal lines in a fan like way starting on that dot, towards the hair line. Make sure that the lines are symmetrical on each side of the face. See the diagram below. Those diagonal lines are guidelines that your line work should follow if your focal point is right in between the eyes.

Your focal point can be anywhere depending on the design you wish to make, this is just one example. Experiment with different focal points and designs. You will notice that as long as your entire design follows the focal point chosen, it will have a nice flow and will look pleasing to the eye.

Click the link to download a practice face painting template. You can print it and use it right below our adult Jest Design It Practice Board.

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