Kryvaline - Small "Never Stain"* SOFT Black Face Painting Sponge - 1 Half

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What am I receiving when I order the Small NEVER STAIN Soft Black Face Painting Sponge by Kryvaline?

When ordering this product, you will receive a firm sponge that is perfect for face painting! Pre cut sponges give you a nice finish that is hard to achieve with hand cut sponges. This sponge is large enough for you to cut down to two quarter size pieces if you would like. The foam is firmer than all others we have at Jest Paint. The foam is gentle on the skin and releases the paint very easily, leaving you with very smooth blending effects. If you are a dipper or sprayer you should enjoy the way these sponges handle water and paint. "Never Stain" is the name of the sponge and not an actual claim for the product. We have tried the sponges and they are easy to wash and so far we have not gotten any stains. Black sponges are ideal for a clean and uniform looking kit. The paint colors show up well on the sponge, so that you can see if your sponge is loaded the way that you want. Once you wash them in soap and water, the colors vanish, so that you have that new sponge look all of the time.

What are the dimensions of this sponge?

This sponge is approximately 1 7/8 inches tall, 1 1/16 inches wide and has a radius of 15/16









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