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What is this Rinse Well Fresh Water System Designed For?

This product will change the way you face paint forever! No more dirty cups of water on your table!! The Fresh Water Rinse Well is a great tool for face painters! This brush cleaning system allows for fresh rinse water at the touch of a button. The Rinse Well consists of a plastic bottle, a plastic base with a ridged well to help cleanse your brushes and a reservoir to collect the used, dirty water. When you are ready for a fresh start, simply push the button and the dirty water will drain and automatically fresh water will fill the base so you are ready to paint again! Your face painting kit will look so professional and your clients will love to see that everyone gets fresh water every time. 

You can use the Rinsewell to improve your sanitation efforts due to the Covid-19 coronavirus.  Rinse  your brushes in water and then sanitize your brushes with at least 60% alcohol. Let them air dry completely before using them again. Drain the water and alcohol down into the base after each rinse-out of your brushes. 

How Much Water Does the Rinse Well Bottle Hold?

This bottle holds 28 oz. Since you will only use a small amount of water between each client it lasts a long time. 

If you have log gigs, it is a great idea to have one or two extra refill bottles on hand so that you have enough water to get through your event without having to do more than unscrew the empty bottle and pop on a new one. If your bottle breaks for whatever reason you can also buy a new one, without having to buy a whole new system. Click here if you would like to see the spare Rinse Well Bottles. You can also just bring a 2L bottle of water to refill your main bottle.

Contact us if you are looking for other spare parts.




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