Medical Grade Adhesive - DISCONTINUED - 36 Dots By Mehron #17

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by Mehron | Product Code: MHOT153
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You can get DOTS AND STRIPS now. These have been discontinued. Each package contains 12 sheets that have three, 0.75" double sided dots of sticky transparent material. You can use these medical grade double sided dots for a ton of different things! You can pre-make clusters of gems on each strip to use at your princess parties, you can use the the strips to hold down bunches of feathers for mardi gras masks, you can use them to attach prosthetics, and even your clown nose if you sport one. You can cut the strips into smaller sections with a sharp pair of scissors. They are very sticky and won't come off unless you really want them too. They hold even over makeup and face paint and can be removed and readjusted. You can powder any area that you don't want to cover with a gem so that it looses its sticking power.
"No more little princesses coming back to have their gems put back on! That is something we can all smile about!"

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