Mehron - Extra Flesh and Fixative A

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by Mehron | Product Code: MHOT124
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Mehron Extra Flesh is simple to use; just rip off a chunk, dab it on and blend it out. It can be coated with the Fixative A included with the product, so that you can paint over the material. Extra Flesh is a synthetic makeup product that can be reused and is easy to apply and remove. You can achieve gory realistic looks very easily with this great product. More instructions on how to use this product are available on the back of the package.

Fixative "A" Sealer is specially designed to seal wax special effects like Mehron Syn-wax or Extra Flesh, and to seal makeup or latex prosthetics.

  • You can apply additional makeup on top of a layer of Fixative A
  • Clear, slightly glossy finish
  • This is a small bottle for small projects
  • Prevents wax or putties from melting under hot lights
  • Alcohol Based

THIS ITEM CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED WITHIN THE USA AND CAN'T BE SHIPPED TO APO/FPO/DPO. In order for your package to be shipped using air mail, the package can not be over 25lbs and it can't have more than 48 Fl Oz of Alcohol Based products. If these conditions are not met, we will contact you to arrange a different shipping method.

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