Next In Line Mats Co. - Line Management Floor Mat - Large Rainbow Burst

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by Next In Line Mats | Product Code: NILML102
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What are the dimensions of this line management mat?
The size of this mat is 24" by 24" and they are 1/4" thick.

What should I do once I receive my mat?

Upon receiving your “Next in Line’’ mat please carefully unroll and place on a flat dry surface to allow your mat to flatten out and breathe.

How do I clean my mat?
Please be sure to use a fabric protector like Scotchgard on your mat prior to using it at your first event. This will help ensure a stain free clean mat. Sweep off your mat with a stiff broom or roll with a lint remover after each gig to get rid of dust bunnies and keep it looking good. Spot cleaning can be done with a gentle soap and water wipe using a non abrasive sponge or cloth. The Next in Line mat can be deep cleaned using a hand wand sprayer and proper mat soap provided at your local car wash.

What is the easiest way to transport my mat?
­Always roll your mat loosely with the image outward so that it unrolls easily image side up and edges will lay flat. It is best and easiest to carry your “Next in Line” with a durable soft polyester carrying strap.

How to store my mat between events?
When not entertaining, store your “next in Line” mat flat in a clean dry indoor space to allow the mat to maintain it’s shape and keep edges from curling up.

Where can I use my mat?
You can use your next in line mat at indoor as well as outdoor events. Please be sure to keep your mat away from wet muddy ground. When using in outdoor situations it is best to use mounting clips and attach it to a chair or place it on top of your table. This will help keep your mat clean and dry.

What is the Next In Line Mat - Large Rainbow Burst best for?
This mat is great to indicate customers where to start the line and who will be next in line. The Rainbow Burst design creates an exciting and color bursting area that will brighten your space and grab your customer's attention!

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