Pro Laptop Face Painting Case & Round Insert (12 Fusion/Fusion/Global/ DFX/ TAG/ Kryvaline/ Cameleon)

Need a case for all of your 32gr round cakes? This sturdy black snap case comes with a TAG black foam insert. It lays flat when open. This case will hold 12 TAG, DFX, Global, Kryvaline, Cameleon, and Snazaroo round cakes in the 32 gram or 18ml size. The case is solid black with out any logos. The insert is also black and made of a wipeable smooth foam. If you buy an extra liner you can close the case with all twenty-four 32g containers stacked inside (without their lids). You will want to store the case flat, or use a large elastic on it because the weight of the extra liner of paint could pop it open. Using 45`s? Twelve 45 gram cakes fit if you put them in without their lids or extra screw on bases. Case dimensions: The outside dimensions are 12 8/16" W x 10 4/16" D x 1 3/16" H The inside dimensions 12 5/16" W x 9 10/16" D and 6/16" H

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