ProAiir ATOMIC Alcohol - Based Hybrid Airbrush Paint - Isotope Orange (1oz)

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by ShowOffs Body Art | Product Code: SOBAPAA202

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What are the dimensions of this ProAiir airbrush paint bottle?

This is a 1oz plastic container with screw on cap that is 2 and 7/8” tall and 1 1/8” in diameter at the base.

What are Proaiir Hybrid Atomic Colors best for?

ProAiir colors are perfect for creating long lasting, water resistant scary monsters, zombies, aliens, animals and so much more! ProAiir Products are perfect for pool parties, dance parties and all day events in the heat. Proaiir Hybrid Isotope Orange is a blazing orange that is opaque and bright. If you want your designs to look good under regular light and black light, go with this one orange to make it happen!

How to apply and remove this ProAiir airbrush paint?

Apply Proaiir Hybrid airbrush paint with an airbrush gun set to 10-15 psi, or apply with a dry face painting sponge or brush. If you use ProAiir with an airbrush, make sure to use it in a well-ventilated area away from open flames. Spray between 2-4 inches from the surface for best color and control. Less is best! Apply in light coats, layering for richer colors and a deeper effect. A super thick application could lead to chipping. Wipe off over-spray with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. If you use ProAiir Hybrid airbrush paint with a sponge or brush, you can choose to attach a spray cap to the bottle to spray your sponges or pour some paint into a plastic or metal palette and load your brush or sponge with it. Only pour a small amount at the time because it will dry our fast due to the alcohol content. Also, make sure to paint right away after loading your sponge or brush so that the paint doesn’t dry out. If you want to blend colors it is best to do it directly on your brush or sponge and apply it like that, as blending on the surface once the paint is applied won’t be easy. Please note, the neon pigments used in ProAiir Atomic Colors, like in many other brands, are made with pigments that have not been approved by the FDA to be used in cosmetics (the FDA has not tested them yet for cosmetic use) but they have been independently tested and have been determined safe for cosmetic use by independent laboratories. Following FDA guidelines these colors are labeled as a Special FX product to be used on prosthetics, clothing, etc.
Proaiir Hybrid paints are water resistant and need to be removed with an oil based cleanser or with liquid hand soap and water. Liquid hand soap or oil cleaner must be used first to break down the paint since this is a very durable product. Keep rubbing the cleaner into the paint until you see it release from the painted surface in small particles. Once it has all broken down, you can rinse it away with water. Repeat if necessary. Using a cloth or sponge loaded with soap or oil will help speed up the process, versus just using your hands. To remove from fabric, do NOT use water. Instead, apply rubbing alcohol or an alcohol-based hair spray and dab to remove.
Airbrush cleaning tips from Proaiir Pros: · Rubbing alcohol 91% + proof is fine but for extensive cleaning - Denatured Alcohol is recommended. Seek out the biodegradable green formula found at Home Depot or Lowes paint department (denatured is also used to clean windows). Spray Denatured or Alcohol through airbrush (front spray and back flush). Withdraw airbrush needle slightly, tighten in place then place airbrush tip down into storage jar containing roughly one inch of Rubbing Alcohol. (just enough to submerge the airbrush siphon). After your job storing your airbrush guns in Alcohol (some have tried Windex) will prevent makeup from drying inside the airbrushes long enough till you get home. Once you are home you can clean them much easier.

What else should I know about using ProAiir Hybrid with an Airbrush?

Stencil cleaning: · When stencils require cleaning to restore appearance, store in zip-locking bag or shallow bowl containing 91% Alcohol for 30-60 minutes. Rinse and dry upon removing. · Because ProAiir is so thin you will find little paint layers on stencils, some people don't even clean them! DO NOT over oil your airbrush only oil your airbrushes after 20 uses or when needed. This will cause spattering of ink. Only use airbrush oil. Special notes: Do NOT mix ProAiir™ with water or any other products. ProAiir™ Hybrid colors CAN be mixed with other ProAiir™ Hybrid colors to create new blended colors. Fluorescent colors separate a little and require shaking or stirring. · Should separation occur, shake, stir or quickly back flush the airbrush (cover the adapter cap air hole and back flush spray briefly to mix pigments). Look up videos on airbrush back flush - don't try if not familiar with it. Metallic's generally have shorter staying power than other formulas. When using white, apply first to skin - sometimes does not cover opaque over red colors. · Do not apply to open wounds or soars. Shake bottle well, pigment can be richer and harder to remove from skin. Adding a marble or a stainless steel nut can help with mixing liquids in bottles. We do not recommend glass bottles, plastic is preferred. Glass breaks and attracts heat causing evaporation of product or thickening.

Manufactured for ShowOffs Body Art - ProAiir Hybrid Products. Please keep in mind that although ProAiir Atomic Colors are not intended for skin use according to FDA regulations, the following information is provided by the manufacturer for us to give our customers as general warnings for all ProAiir products (including those intended for skin use based on FDA regulations). Discontinue use if rash develops. Do not apply to broken skin. Avoid contact with fabrics, carpet and upholstery. Remove with mild soap and water. Some traces of color may remain for a short period after washing. Warnings on ProAiir Hybrid label: Use adequate ventilation and keep away from flame. For external use only. Contact a physician if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water. Makeup contained in this package is hypo-allergenic & non-toxic. Storage: Like with all cosmetic products, it is always best to keep PROAIIR face and body paints away from a direct light source and store in a cool and dry environment. Excessive heat can dry up and spoil your face paints and excessive light can fade the colors. Make sure to always keep the lids/caps closed to prevent evaporation and spilling. ProAiir has a 3-5 year shelf life after the bottle has been opened, and 10 years unopened. Made in the U.S.A .
If you would like a copy of ProAiir Hybrid and DIPS body paints' Material Safety Data Sheet, please click here and here to download the MSDS.
Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Acrylates Copolymer, Caster Seed Oil, Alcohol SDA 40-B, Ethylcellulose, Zinc Stereate, May Contain FD&C Pigments, Black Iron Oxide, D & C Orange #4, D & C Red #7, D &C Red #22, D& C Red #27, D &C Red #28 Al Lake, D & C Red #33 AI Lake, F D & C #40, D & C Red #6 BA Lake, D& C Yellow #8, FD&C Blue #1 AI Lake, FD&C Yellow #5 AI Lake, Gold Mica - 1372, Titanium Dioxide, Orchid Mica - 1372, Tin Dioxide, Green Mica - 1372, Silver Mica - 1372, Iron Oxide, Soft Pink Mica - 1372, Carmine, Ultra Marine Blue.

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