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What are the special features of the Qualatex GREEN Double Action balloon pump?

This brightly colored balloon pump by Qualatex is a double action hand pump is small and light light; it features two 0 rings and a sturdy non slip design.

What is my double action pump best used for?

Qualatex's Double Action Hand Pump is great for inflating 260 animal balloons and small round, flower and heart balloons! This pump features a long nozzle which makes it easy to slide the balloon on to the pump, pinch tightly between your fingers and inflate. You can carefully slide on 160 balloons as well, but we recommend the mini pump for easiest use with the 160s.

How do you inflate and twist animal balloon structures?

Before inflating, give your balloon a quick stretch and then carefully insert the tip of the pump into the hole and pull the rim of the balloon up the nozzle so that it doesn't slip off. Pinch the nozzle, securing the balloon to the pump and pump up the balloon. Carefully pull off the tip and tie a knot. Do not inflate your balloons too tightly or they will easily pop. Instead "burp" your balloon a little so that it is the right length for tying and twisting your creation. There are tons of instructional videos on Youtube that you can watch and learn to makes all sorts of cool balloon creations!

What else should I know about Qualatex products?

Qualatex has been a leader in the balloon industry for over 100 years. Qualatex twisting balloons are made in the USA and Canada.  We recommend you clean the outside of your balloon pump every now and then to prevent build up of oils and dirt in the fine ridges. DO NOT CLEAN THE INSIDE OF BALLOON PUMP.









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