Small Professional Balloon Twister Utility Apron

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by Balloon Supplies | Product Code: QTBA100
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What is this small balloon apron best for?

This durable canvas balloon twister apron is perfect for small parties, line work, street performing and restaurant gigs. It is a good choice when you just need your basic 260s, some rounds and/or heart balloons, a couples markers and a pump. Keep your supplies and balloons organized, and keep that professional look with this handy apron! 

What are the dimensions and features of this balloon apron?

This black canvas balloon apron is 33 cm x 40 cm. The maximum waist size it can fit with the straps extended is 45" around.

It has:

One large pocket with 4 Velcro straps to hold your animal balloons in firmly

One small zipper pouch on the front for valuables.

Two marker straps to hook your marker caps onto.

Two medium sized pockets for pumps or balloons.

One small pocket for small balloons or accessories.

One large pocket across the back of the apron to keep your valuables and cards.

The waistband is adjustable and has a sturdy plastic clasp to connect it.





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