TAG Face Paint Set - 10 Regular Colors

What are the contents of this product? This bundle pack contains ten 32 gram containers of TAG Standard colors. The colors included are: White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Medium Green, Black, Brown, Pink, Purple, and Royal Blue. This bundle does not include a zipper bag.

How to apply and remove the face paint? Apply with a dampened sponge or brush. We recommend that you apply water to your brush or sponge and then load the makeup rather than spraying your paints. These colors remove easily with soap and water.

What is this product best for? All TAG regular colors are really nice for blending and line work. This kit is great if you want to have the most useful colors in the professional size to start out. You will be able to paint hundreds of faces with this kit! Pick up some brushes, sponges and glitter and you'll be ready to go!

What else should I know? All regular colors are made with FDA compliant ingredients and are hypoallergenic. TAG cakes are made in Taiwan under the direction of TAG Body Art in Australia. They contain no parabens or lanolin to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. TAG cakes are vegan and they are not tested on animals.

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