Tattoo Pro | Air Brush Body Painting Stencil - PIRATES

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by Wiser Body Graffiti | Product Code: TP161
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What are the dimensions of this stencil?

Each sheet is 8" X10" and made out of durable 7.5ml solvent proof Mylar. 

A 8.5" X 11" pre-printed design display poster featuring designs created with this kit is also included. 

What are Tattoo Pro Stencils best for?

The Pirates stencil will definitely be a hit for those who have a thing for pirates and skulls. Mix and match this set with other Tattoo Pro airbrush stencil sets to create something unique every time! Tattoo Pro stencils were the brain child of graffiti and body painting artist, Wiser Oner. He wanted to create stencils that really looked like authentic tattoos so that airbrush artists could paint full sleeves, back pieces, chest pieces and so on. These stencils are perfect for all ages, and with a little practice you can amaze your clients! 


How to use Tattoo Pro Stencils?
Because of the size of these stencils, it is easiest to use them with an airbrush versus sponging the designs on.  You will use the positive and negative pieces to create 3D effects that will make your designs pop! Search up Wiser Oner's free tutorials on YouTube to learn how to master Tattoo Pro Stencils!



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