VIVID Glitter | PINK DETAIL Glitter Silicone Applicator

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by Vivid Glitter | Product Code: VGSA100

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Art Factory Studio - Detail Glitter Silicone Applicator

What materials are used in this brush?

The Pink VIVID Glitter Silicone Applicator is made with a flexible, silicone tip and have black painted wooden handles. This applicator has a seamless nickel plated ferrule.

What are the dimensions?

This applicator is 5 3/4 inches long and the applicator tip is 5/16 inches across and 1/2 inch long. There is not text on the brush handle.

How to use?

Instead of using your finger, use this little silicone glitter applicator to help apply glitter gels over the top of face painting designs by gently picking up and swiping the glitter gel to the desired area. This applicator is great for adding glitter details to small flowers and around small designs.
Moisten the tip of the applicator with water and dip into fine loose glitter to apply to the face. 

What is this product best for?

This brush is best for the application of  Glimmer Glitter, Festival Glitters, Pixie Paint,  Vivid Glitter Gleam and other gel based glitters.

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