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Pressed Powder For Face Painting

Apply Vibrant powders with a large smoothie blender dry, like you would with eyeshadow. They are easier and less messy to use than loose powders, and create speedy bases. They work best with a primer to even out the skin tone and provide moisture for the powders to stick to. You can also apply the powders on top of normal water based face paint to add punches of color, or to stencil designs. You can use water based paints for the linework around and on top of your powdered base. Pressed powder can be used in neutral tones to create traditional beauty makeup looks, or purchased in bright pigments to give a durable fantasy face paint design with a matte finish. Our Vibrant pressed face paint powder breathes easily for comfortable wear and lets you create bright, sparkly or shine free looks. Perfect for hot and sticky or cold and windy days, Vibrant Pressed Face Powders go on smooth and bold. We hand-picked the brightest colors we could find so that your powder based designs will look fantastic! Go with great pigments like Blue Heavens, Magenta, Sunshine Yellow, Orange, Deep Teal, Frosted Pink, Frosted Blue to create bright looks. Kids and adults will love the feeling of a nice water free application, especially in sensitive areas around the eyes. You can also buy loose powder for face painting if you go to the Paradise Mehron Category, or you can add and extra punch of color to the Mehron Starblends, which come in larger containers.

Body Paint Powder Sets

Vibrant Powders can be used on the face or body. We sell pre-made palettes designed by Jest Paint so that you can have all the colors you need in one convenient palette for warm weather face and body painting. We even sell blank palettes so you can design your own set of face paint powders in the colors you love to use the most. We make powder face paint sets easy, so if you are using some colors more than others you can simply replace those pigments to mix and match rather than purchasing a new set every time. These sets make face painting easy for beginners by providing the perfect range for any situation and it provides professional face painters with a custom kit that is portable and easy to use.

*We are currently trying to find a new source for our powders. We hope to have them back in stock when the warm weather comes around!

Please be aware that powder based paints are much more fragile than regular face paints with a glycerin and/or wax base. You must take special care when transporting your powders to events, and when loading them onto your applicators.
Why are they fragile? In order to have a powder paint that will load easily and quickly it needs to be somewhat loose so that the powder will break up and end up on your applicator.

What if they arrive damaged?
We also strongly recommend adding shipping insurance to your order if it includes powder paints because Jest Paint is not responsible for damage that occurs to your products after they leave our store.

Can I fix them?
There are two great options for repairing your powders, so e-mail us if they incur any damage.