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Face Painting & Body Art Stencils


Face Painting Stencils are quickly gaining popularity on the body art industry. These stencils allow you to quickly create detailed and intricate looks with ease for beginners and professionals. Kids and adults will be impressed with the great effects you’ve created when you peel back the body paint stencils and reveal your creations. One of our favourite things about stencils is the speed at which they can be applied. If you are working with waiting customers you can save energy and time while keeping the line happy by using stencils that can be applied in just seconds. Whether you are using face painting stencils alone or adding them to a greater design landscape you can create perfect patterns, stars, and symbols with the high-quality selection available form Jest Paint.

We carry a variety of different sizes of face painting stencils and body paint stencils to fit your needs. TAP and QuickEZ are perfect for tiny faces and tiny places for kids.Our BAFS line will cover larger surfaces like the whole forehead or across the cheek and over the nose. These body art stencils can can be used anywhere including hands, arms, backs, and legs. The Vargas and Alex Hansen Stencils are great for adding a wow factor to your body painting projects with geometric and organic patterns that can be repeated across the skin. Face paint stencils can be used with water, powder or cream based paints. Check out our videos for face paint stencil ideas and try out these products today!

TATTOO PRO Stencils Tattooed Lady Stencils
Lea Sully is the mastermind behind the Tattoo Lady stencil sets! These are great for all ages, but especially adored by the tweens and teens, who want something a little cooler and edgy that these graffitti style stencils can create. Mix and match any stencil from any set and create your own cool works of art!
TAP Stencils Bad Ass Stencil Family
Show Offs Stencil Family - QUICKEZ(TM) - Stencil Eyes - Stencil Profiles Alex Hansen Stencils
Vargas Stencils