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Wolfe Face Art & FX Paints

Wolfe Face Art & FX, based in the U.S.A, is an amazing line of face paints that have fantastic colors and consistency for layering and intricate design work. Wolfe FX makeup is not just for the faces either! While we may call it Wolfe face paint or makeup a whole amazing breed of artists refer to it as Wolfe Body Paint because it is used by the best in the industry to create award winning, full body designs that are out of this world.
Take the time to check out our wide selection of colors and their line of instructional books. Use the following tip when applying Wolfe face paint, only load a small amount of water onto your brush or sponge. Wolfe face paint is wax based so it stands up well to warm weather and moderate sweat.
Check out our updated inventory :)) Please note that Wolfe is packing their paint in the both the U.S. and China. If there is a Wolfe Eye stamped into the top of the paint it was packaged in the U.S., if it is missing, it was packaged in China. It is all the same paint.

eLine Liquid Paint Essential Colors 30/45/90gr aprox
Liquid paint for brush and sponge by Wolfe FX Face Art
If your eLine paint thickens in the bottle just add a little distilled water and mix it up.

Metallix Colors 30/45gr aprox Neon 30gr aprox
Neon paints glow like crazy under black lights!
Palettes Rainbow Cakes 45gr aprox
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