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We truly appreciate you support at Jest Paint! We keep our everyday prices low to help you get the most bang for your buck. We also like having special sales as an added bonus, and we have a lot of "coupon code free" sales up for a week or two at a time. If you missed a coupon code sale, take advantage of our other deals!


-Stay calm and enter your coupon code before choosing your shipping option. Your Coupon code will show up at the bottom of your list of store items after applying it. It has to be there in order for us to know that you want to participate and get any discounts at checkout. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a screen shot of where to enter the code on your desktop or mobile device. Only one coupon code can be used during the course of a sale.

- Check ALL the dates and details. Check for minimum order requirements, brands that the sale effects, start and stop times, and the exact code.
We use Eastern Time Zone for start and stop times of a sale. If there is a freebie with the sale, do not add the item to your cart. We will add it to your order when we see your coupon code listed on your invoice. If you use a free shipping code, do not select a shipping option or you will get charged. The FS codes are not free shipping codes, they just apply a certain discount to your order.

-Sales are NOT retroactive. We cannot apply codes to orders placed before the sale. It is kind of like opening and closing the face paint line, there has to be a start and stop time to keep things running smoothly. Feel free to place another order to stock up for the season if you want to use the code. If you place a second order, just mention it in the comments box while checking out on your second order, and if we can combine them, we will issue you a store credit for the amount saved in shipping.

-Having issues getting the code to work? Please call or email us before placing your order. If you leave us a message before checking out, and if you qualify for the sale, we will honor the code by adding it to your invoice and issuing a store credit if necessary. If you contact us afterwards, we will not be able to honor the code.

-Sometimes sales are only posted on our Jest Paint Facebook page or in our email Newsletter.
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Thank you so much for shopping with us and enjoy the savings! Thanks for taking the time to read this and MAKE SURE TO ENTER THAT CODE! :)

*Choose the one coupon code that is best for your order :) Only one coupon will be honored per address during the course of a sale. See more tips below!

Check out the arrows pointing to where it goes, and how it shows up on your invoice after you hit apply.

Coupon Tips!

You will see a magenta box at the bottom left of your shopping cart.

Double check to make sure that the coupon is applied on your invoice before choosing your shipping option and proceeding to check out.

If you enter your code and then continue shopping it might disappear and you will have to enter it again.

If you are using a free shipping code, do not select a shipping option with a $ amount or you will be charged for shipping.

Call us with any issues before checking out so that we can honor your code. Leave a message if you miss us!