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Face Painting Brushes and Sponges

No face painter’s bag is complete without professional supplies to store, apply, and maintain sanitation for your face and body paints. Jest paint offers a versatile selection of face painting brushes and sponges to make application a breeze. Use face painting sponges to evenly cover surface area or fill in stencils and brushes for more detailed work. We even have special brushes that dispense water as you go to make application of dry paints easy and fluid. If you are looking to mix your own cakes and palettes, we even have great face paint accessories including cake containers you can use to condense your paint collection for events. You can use our practice heads to try out new designs or let your fans know what you’ve been working on creatively ...................................................................... CHECK OUT OUR BLOG POST ABOUT BRUSHES AND OTHER TOOLS HERE!

Body Paint Cleaning Supplies and Storage Solutions

Jest Paint is run by professional face painters, so we know how cumbersome it can be to bring your products on the go. We’ve made sure to find great brush holders, collapsible water buckets, bags, and storage solution to make setting up and packing a breeze for any professional face painter. It will be easy to keep your application tools organized with a brush wallet that you can stand up on your table while your work and quickly zip up when you’re finished. We also carry brush soap and sealant spray to make sure you can easily clean between clients to keep everyone safe and happy. We are always on the lookout for new and unique items to help inspire creativity in artists who love to try new things. Get some great face paint cleaning and storage supplies from Jest Paint today!

Shopping Tip: If you want to see one type of brush on one page, just type something like "round #4" in the search bar, and they will all pop up from the different brands.

BOLT Brushes by Jest Paint Global Body Art Brushes
New Brushes from Jest Paint!
Acrylic handles!
Black Gold by Dynasty The Face Painting Shop Brushes
Perform amazing feats with these awesome specialty brushes!
Brush Collection from The Face Painting Shop
Brush Sets Sponges
Sets from a variety of brands!
American Painter Brushes Cameleon Brushes
Diamond FX Brushes Loew-Cornell Brushes
Check out the yellow handled Loew Cornell Brushes, the acrylic handled La Corneille 7000 Series, LC Floras and other specialty brushes!
Mark Reid Brushes Mehron/Paradise Brushes
PROtégé Brushes Royal and Vargas Brushes
Great for 1 stroke!
Ruby Red Brushes Silly Farm Paint Pal Brushes
TAG Brushes Wisp/Rake Brushes
Textures gone wild!
Special Brushes Brush Holders and Water Buckets
Check out the demo video of specialty brushes!
Other Tools Brush Soaps
Mirrors, Empty Containers and other Useful Items for your kit! Click here to see Tools for Glitter and Glitter Tattoos!