TAG | Face Painting Brush Wallet with Set of 14 Brushes

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by TAG Body Art | Product Code: TAGBS100

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What is included in this brush set?

This TAG brush set contains 14 brushes all inside a professional brush wallet. The brushes within this set are: 3 x filbert (#4 #6 #12),4 x flat (#4 #6 #8 #12), 2 x angle (#4 #6), and 5 x round (#2 #4 #5 #6 #12) 

What materials are used in these brushes?

The filbert brushes have an acrylic handle and nylon bristles and the rest have wooden handles with nylon bristles.

What are the dimensions of this product?

When opened in the tent position (picture 1), the wallet is 6 1/2" tall and 18" long. When closed (3) it is 13 1/2" long and 9" wide. and 1/2" flat. There is a  5" gap between the back and front flap when set open.

How to use it?

Open your wallet and set up a like a tent. Clean with soap and water if it gets paint on it. Let your brushes air dry after cleaning them, by leaving the wallet set up. Get your brush wet, wipe the end of it against the edge of your water container, rub against your dry face paint cake until you create a creamy consistency and then paint on the face/body.

What is this product best for?

This set is an incredible deal! This face painting brush set is a starter set as it has a wide variety of brush styles! It is also a great way to keep all your brushes in one place and protected during travel. 

What else should I know?

Because they are made out of synthetic bristles, no animals were hurt for the production of these TAG brushes.

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