Cases and Inserts

Get organized with great face painting cake and brush holders. It is important to have containers to properly store your gear when traveling and will help you set up and break down your face painting station quickly. Combine your favorite face painting cakes in our empty palettes and cases so you have the colors you use most on hand. You can even customize these sets between gigs where you know certain colors will be used more frequently so you will be prepared for anything the day throws at you.

Face Painting Brush Cases

The array of makeup brush holders are perfect for keeping your brushes clean during travel and protected between uses. A makeup brush holder will also allow you to get to the tools you need without digging through your bag. Try a brush case that can be easily folded out for use as a brush stand or closed for storage and transportation. Take your face painting business to the next level with professional storage and presentation supplies from Jest Paint.

Read the descriptions carefully to make sure that you are picking out the perfect case and insert for the brushes and face paint containers that you use.

SHIPPING NOTE: Since we usually ship flat rate, adding one or more cases or inserts to your order will automatically increase the shipping costs due to their larges sizes.

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