VIVID Glitter - Face and Body Art Cosmetic Glitter

Vivid Glitter has put together amazing combos of loose super sparkly sheer, fine holographic and opaque glitters that you can use for face and body painting, and even apply to the hair. This polyester glitter is perfect for creating your own chunky glitter gels! Just mix and match to create your own special combos, and mix into a gel base.

Check out the black light reactive UV glitters that will make you the hit at any dance party! You can apply Vivid Glitters over face paint, glitter gel or glitter glue. Make your designs stand out, and impress the teens and kids at heart with this glitter that is so pretty it is hard to look away! Do you love VIVID Glitter? Click here to see VIVID Loose Chunky Glitter blends and VIVID Gleam Chunky Glitter Creams!

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