TAP Face Painting Stencils

Looking for the perfect stencils for face paint designs? TAP Stencils are super fun and easy to use face painting stencils. They were all created by Anna and Santi from! TAPs are a great size for little faces and tight spaces. Some people like to say that these stencils for face painting are Tiny And Perfect!

Each TAP Face Painting Stencil is approximately 2" in diameter, though the new ones are about 1/4" wider...the actual design sizes varies within each stencil.

We are the manufacturers and distributors of TAP Face Painting Stencils around the world. If you have a retail shop and you would like to sell TAP Stencils, please contact us.

If you need some tips on how to use face paint with stencils check out this complete Jest Paint blog post Face Painting with Stencils - Instructions and Best Stencil Guide

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