Face Paints Australia

Face Paint Australia is perfect for beginner artist, cosplay and Halloween makeup enthusiasts, professional face and body painters and parents looking for a safe product to paint their child with for a birthday party or special event.  This incredible line of high quality face paint is now FDA complaint for cosmetic use in the USA. Face Paints Australia is a wax based face paint that you can apply with a wet sponge or brush. Their super rich and vibrant face and body paint colors are easy to apply and easy to wash off.

Check out their pearly/metallic Metallix range and their matte Essential colors! We are confident you will love the consistency and durability of this smudge proof face paint. Top make up artists from around the world use and highly endorse this brand. You can see Dutch Bihary, Lynne Jamieson, Jenny Saunders, Prima Barton and many more choosing Face Paints Australia for their amazing works of art.  

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