Bolt Brushes

We have been working hard to design a set of brushes that we hope every painter will enjoy using. From choosing the right handle size to the length and material of the bristles the process was not easy. Finally, we were happy with the overall design and look of each Bolt Brush.

We now have the FIRM line for those of you who like stiffer bristles. They Have the GREEN tips.  The Crisp Line is also rather firm. The rest of the solid orange handled brushes much softer. 

 All of the brushes have synthetic bristles (no animals were harmed to make the brushes), and short shiny painted wooden handles. All wood comes from managed national wood reforestation programs, and our manufacturer is involved with non profit organizations that fight to protect endangered species, as well as organizations that provide free school materials to kids in need. Bolt Brushes are assembled in the USA using components from Thailand, and the

Bolt Brushes are handmade and all measurements are approximate, the actual width may vary a little, but you, as the artist are in control of the width of your strokes by the amount of pressure you put on the bristles while painting. Happy painting!

The Bolt STROKE and ANGLE brushes have short bristles, making it easy to control while painting one stroke designs.

Our Liner (round) brushes have pointed tips and longer bristles, which allows for a nice flow when making swirls and twirls and teardrops. They come in Firm and Soft as well.

The Blooming brushes allow you to make perfect petals every time.

If you are looking for a brush to paint detailed cheek art and best in Swirls and Twirls, please check out our NEW DIAMOND COLLECTION line in Blue! These soft flexible bristles are all the same length and you won't get stray hairs ruining your linework when you twist and twirl your brush. 

**The UV orange paint may change to different shades of oranges and yellows when in contact with direct sunlight.

We also have NEW 3/4" and 1" brushes with a pointed handle. They are easier to put in your brush holders!

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